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Kabza De Small Reveals Secret Behind Amapiano Success

Recognized as a leading producer of Amapiano music, Kabza De Small has come out to tell us the reason the music genre has been so successful.

In a video uploaded on social media platform Twitter by rapper Luna Florentino, Kabza could be seen explaining the relevance of sharing the limelight with other stars.

Recently, Amapiano artists have been praised for the collaboration they all make in one another’s music. Amapiano artists are also known to be willing to share the spotlight with other artists and propel new and upcoming artists to the top of the music industry.

A good example is Young Stunna who recently emerged as a somewhat overnight success, but has quickly garnered support from the rest of the industry’s bigwigs. The producer said, “This is why Piano has had more breakout artists in the past two years than SA Hip Hop had in the past seven years.”

In the video, the producer mentioned cake as an analogy saying, “Piano broers are gonna eat forever because of this ‘Pay It Forward’ mentality. They put you on so that you can do the same for others. You must cut it into many pieces and share with others.”

He continued saying, “You’ll get a small piece but the movement will go on. If you keep it to yourself, you’ll finish it. Or it’ll just sit there and melt. The cream will melt and it’ll go bad. You’ll have to throw it away, just like bread.”

The video has since gone viral with many fans pouring in with comments of their own.

@__Tshepo praised Kabza for walking the talk. The user said, “What’s amazing is it’s not just words from this man, he practises this and we see it.”

@starlavida added by saying, “Kabza De Small explaining ‘equal’ distribution and why collaboration has been key to piano in one minute. “Love to see it. Sika le khekhe and grow the movement.”

@tanndobaloyi also joined the conversation: “SA hip hop, rappers reach 1000 followers and stop replying to emails.”

“In SA hip hop they diss each other for having features or being featured a lot,” said @_slim_mkg. “But amapiano has more features so everyone can eat.”

@_IamThato tweeted that “When these guys said amapiano is a community they meant it.”

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