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Zodwa Wabantu Makes Scathing Revelation On her Choice of Lifestyle

Popular dancer and singer Zodwa Wabantu has revealed the reason she lives a bizarre lifestyle. She further opens up on what drives her ambition for success.

After becoming famous for storming parties and dinners with raunchy outfits and shrugging off critics, Zodwa has gone from just an entertainer to a top celebrity in the country. Her life has now gone beyond dancing half-naked on stage to starting and nurturing several businesses.

In a recent chat, Zodwa revealed the reason she lives the life that she lives. And her reason will surprise you.

The media entrepreneur is definitely full of energy and positive vibes. She is always the topic of one controversy or the other either on social media or at a party. She is quite popular for dishing outrageous advice on her social media channels.

Many will also remember her for wearing see-through dresses at big events and showing off her young boyfriends. Zodwa is likely the most controversial figure in the entertainment industry.

According to her she has “cried during sleepless nights because of poverty.”

Poverty can be a huge motivation for many. It is no wonder why Zodwa doesn’t let the criticism get to her despite the loads of threats and insults she receives. She has been criticised for being too liberal.

While she ca choose to live whatever life pleases her, she revealed in a chat with TshisaLive that her fear of not having money has motivated her to be rich and wealthy y any means possible, so far it means she can put food on her table and have money in the bank.

“The hunger comes from poverty. I don’t want to sleep with a man because of poverty, even if it’s a decent guy … I’m scared of poverty, I’ve cried sleepless nights because of poverty, I’ve had sex just because of poverty.”

“Anything that has to do with trusting men in an abusive way that’s my hunger … Today, I do me. I work hard, I have my own money and then I date a Ben 10 because I run that sh*t.”

The celebrity is also excited about where she has gotten herself to so far in the industry, particularly her reality show titled Uncensored which will be airing soon on TV networks. She said she wants her fans to follow her life and watch a program that they are able to relate to. That is the purpose of her reality show.

“I am Zodwa of the people and I cannot hide. I haven’t hidden before and I won’t hide now. People will see everything because I am telling the story of my life and it is something they can relate to,” she said.




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